the idea                                        (price list included)

   The idea is to create personal fantasy-illustrations, with pencil or pastels and even airbrush, based on the (how I call it) Ex-Libris system which everybody (private clients as well as companies) can afford to pay.

Private clients order personal fantasy-illustrations mainly as a gift for an anniversary or graduation, as wedding present, birthday- or christmas present, or just for decorating their own walls at home.

Companies order personal fantasy-illustrations to demonstrate their images, which they want to presentate in their conference rooms.


For private clients:

Private clients get in contact with me, then I will respond and in the next step the client sends me the photograph of the person he wants me to transform into a fantasy-illustration.

      Then, in conversation, I pick out as many informations (about the person on the photograph) as I need - to draw the personal fantasy-illustration.
An agreement will be made.
At the end there is the result of a perfect picture (close to a photograph) which represents the person in an esthetic and (most asked for) erotic way, including it’s strong and weak sides.
Finally I send an image of the picture to the client, and after I recieved the payment, the client receives the fantasy-illustration.

For company clients:

     The company gets in contact with me through a responsible person which gives me the necessary informations about the company: How the company started, it’s teams and partners and of course it’s products. (The informations can of course be different informations too, about whatever the company WANTS me to draw.) The following step is a contract that the company signs. (This contract includes ONLY the sketches to the final fantasy-illustration, and NOT the fantasy-illustration itself.) After the contract is signed I draw 3 different coarse sketches. From those the company chooses the sketch it wants me to develop into the final fantasy-illustration. At this point the company signs the contract for the final fantasy-illustration. The finished end-product is then a perfect picture of fine art (close to a photograph) that represents the company’s image.

The size of a personal fantasy-illustration depends on what the client (private client as well as company client) desires. Depending on the picture´s size is then as a logical result the price.

The price of a personal fantasy-illustration depends (as just mentioned) on the size of the picture, but aswell on the amount of all client-wishes that´ll increase the working-time I have to invest until the picture is finished. (The bigger the size, or the more details the client desires, the more time I will need to draw the picture - the more time I need for the picture, the more worthy and more expensive it will become.) Please see price list below.
(Prices for airbrush pictures are different and not included in the list. Please contact me for more information.)

Personal fantasy-illustrations are only available in black and white (pencil) or color (airbrush).

If you desire to get your own personal fantasy-illustration, just contact me.


Price list


There is one price per head (including shoulders but without body) to draw, depending on the size of the picture. There are two prices per body: PARTLY (upper- or lower body) and FULL (upper- and lower body)


Size A4              Size A3               Size A2              Size A1

 80 € / head                   160 € / head                320 € / head                 480 € / head

120 € / head+partly     210 € / h+p                   400 € / h+p                   600 € / h+p   

160 € / head+full          260 € / h+f                   450 € / h+f                     630 € / h+f


Size A4              Size A3               Size A2              Size A1

NOT AVAILABLE        80 € / head                    160 € / head                280€ / head

NOT AVAILABLE      120 € / head+partly       200 € / h+p                   380 € / h+p  

NOT AVAILABLE      160 € / head+full            250 € / h+f                    440 € / h+f


Caricatures are only available as ONE-, or TWO PERSON CARICATURES.

ONE PERSON CARICATURES are only available in size A4, but you can choose between a caricature on white paper with pencil (price: 110 €), or slightly-brown coloured paper with two softcolor pastels (french red ochre and white, price: 130 €).

TWO PERSON CARICATURES are only available in size A3, but you can choose between a caricature on white paper with pencil (price: 220 €), or slightly-brown coloured paper with two softcolor pastels (french red ochre and white, price: 260 €).

3.) NUDES & HALFNUDES:       (See PORTRAITS price list above)

4.) FANTASY-ILLUSTRATIONS:       (See PORTRAITS price list above) For planning and illustration work an additional illustration-fee will be added. Illustration-fees are:

       125 € / A4                  150 € / A3                175 € / A2                 200 € / A1