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Airbrushing is obviously quite different compared to drawing. Mistakes you make with a brushing-pistol cannot be undone easily. Airbrushing requires a lot of artistic skill - above all a calm hand and definately a plan of what you are doing! In the past I airbrushed small things just for fun - give old & dusty things a new, individual and modern look. Then my concentration went more to my drawings - and the airbruhsing kit landed in the basement until it was completely forgotten and mysteriously lost. Just recently I bought a new kit and picked up my airbrushing skills again - to do what I did before. I "pimped" my guitar, "pimped" my son's rocking motorcycle and so on. Then I took up a new four person portrait-project and decided to do it with airbrush. I must say it turned out very well!   The Holtmann Family :

The Holtmann Family, Airbrush A2 (2009)

In the future, there will be more airbrush pictures added here!

Various work-types


A project of mine is the decoration of walls in buildings (flat, office, ...). The decorations are not huge. Nor really big. In fact I speak about decorations which are small details you mainly do not notice at first sight. These decorations are mostly animals (geckos, exotic birds, ...) which look like they would be the most natural thing to have on a liveless wall. Things that might even belong there...



     I decorate not only walls, but also furnitures like beds tables chairs or closets; mainly older wooden furnitures...

     With my father in law we even BUILT the cot of my first daughter before I finally decorated it with animals and plants of the jungle.


Architecture & Design:

Yes, sure... this is just a vision of a hotel that might or might not be built in the future. This building is a combination of a (at least 200 meters high) hotel with an amusement- and aquaticpark combined. A giant big wheel (that also serves as a powerplant, because it is driven by the waterfall and produces electric energy while spinning), a breathtaking rollercoaster that (optically) even dives through water, one extralong highspeed waterslide and one spinning waterslide are just some of the hotels extras. The hotel serves completely for the earth´s "green energy" line, because besides the giant big wheel, there is also a huge amount of moveable solarpanels and an "umbrella" that is serving as a powerplant aswell, through it´s "windmill-effect". Further on there is a big basin for sea creatures that either are endangered in nature or in need of help in some other way (injuries, ...).

Well, here it is. The "Cocktail Island Hotel": (click the picture for closer details)

Cocktail Island Hotel (pencil and softcolor pastels, 42x59cm), 2007

My friend and college Tomas Ehnrooth has taken my idea of the "Cocktail Island Hotel" and fixed up a (slightly changed) 3D model with his computer. Here is how the "Cocktail Island Hotel" 3D model turned out: (click the picture for higher resolution)


Illusions :

For an art-project in the school where I worked, I drew the heading to present the project about "GEOMETRY & ART". So, while I made totally geometrical letters I was trying to combine them with another project I was recently very interested in at that time: Illusions. Well, so it came that I created a little weird and funny picture in the fusion of geometry & illusions (the swedish word for geometry is geometri with an i).

Geometric Illusion (Pencil and softcolor pastels,  48 x 24 cm) , 2006


Conceptual Artist:

       Since April 2008 I am a part of STORMBORG Productions OY, supporting them with my artist skills as their Conceptual Artist. I have done conceptual pictures for their biggest project so far: SODAN VARJOSSA (original project-name YÖPERHOSET) - a movie based on a true story - wich is supported by Disney Finland. The project itself is a really serious one and was presented as such at the "Festival de Cannes 2008" - the Cannes Film Festival 2008 - from 14.-25. May 2008. Production-start will not be before fall 2009. But hopefully there will be plenty of work waiting for me then. Here you can see my conceptual art pictures for SODAN VARJOSSA, plus the coverpicture of the mansucript that was presented in Cannes:

Friend Or Foe, Conceptual Art for SODAN VARJOSSA  The Grieving Grandfather, Conceptual Art for SODAN VARJOSSA  Tree - Rescue, Conceptual Art for SODAN VARJOSSA

SODAN VARJOSSA,  Cover of the manuscript

More pictures for this project cannot be seen here before the release of the movie, as it is meant to be stunning with surprise!


"The Space Family":

This is (or was) a cartoon series that I created in 1997. I drew a couple of comic stripes for a small Austrian weekly newspaper called "Linz - Süd". Here are some sketches I made of the characters before I actually published the cartoons:


 Click here for a short cartoon of "The Space Family " (in german)


For the same newspaper I drew "The Space Family" cartoon series, I drew caricatures too. Here are some sketches of the caricatures: