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the LIGHT collection

Light 4 (White softcolor pen on black paper, 18 x 24 cm), 2004   Light 3 (White softcolor pen on black paper, 18 x 24 cm), 2004    Light 5 (White softcolor pen on black paper, 18 x 24 cm), 2004    Light 2 (White softcolor pen on black paper, 18 x 24 cm), 2004          LIGHT 4                LIGHT 3                 LIGHT 5               LIGHT 2

          Light (White softcolor pen on black paper, 30 x 24 cm), 2004   LIGHT 1

The drawing & painting technics:

All drawings are made with mechanical pencils, supporting 0,3 and 0,5 mm leads. It is common for graphic- & fine art artists to own several mechanical pencils, each with a different color of barrel, to create both fine and coarse lines. Each pencil is loaded with a different thickness and hardness of lead. Without using these precise art-equipments I wouldn´t be able to create such fine art works of detailed precision. Precision into the smallest details is a lengthy process, especially when you try not to use the formable rubber too often, just to make sure that the quality & the looks of the 3 mm thick graphic-cardboard doesn´t suffer too much. At an A1 picture-size (70 x 100 cm) a Fantasy Illustration will most often take up to more than 100 hours of detailed fine art work.

Click HERE to see a slide show about the rise of a drawing - the development of "Freekick Variant".

There is one speciality I have done with the Exhibition 2007 works. That spe-ciality is the presence of the global warming issue. That meant for the picture "Transformation" to go with the new ones, that I had to overwork it slightly. Because of the effects caused by the global warming in our world, I could not let my world be uneffected of it either! Nature will find it´s way, for better or worse.

For the Exhibition 2007 pictures I chose models such as Nena Ristic, Adriana Karambeu or Daniela Pestova. For more informations, please contact me.

The coloured drawings are made with soft pastels or pastel crayons. The "paperpads" I work with are once again 3 mm thick graphic-cardboards. From start to finish of a coloured Fantasy-Illustration, there are between 75 and 150 hours of work necessary - depending on the cardboard size of course.

I do create some paintings with acryl colors as well, but that I do only on fix positioned surfaces (walls, ceilings, wooden furnitures, ...)